Aerial silk

Aerial Silk Classes in Miami for children and adults 

Ready to take your workouts to new heights? IK GYM Miami offers aerial silks classes for kids and adults for all skill levels from beginners to advance. During aerial silk classes you will learn the fundamentals of aerial performance. Our aerial silk classes involve strength, flexibility, and conditioning exercises and basic climbing skills. Once you feel comfortable in the air, you will progress into various positions and tricks.
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Aerial Silk Classes
Aerial silk (also known as aerial fabrics, aerial ribbons, aerial tissues and aerial contortion) is an exercise or performance when artists perform aerial acrobatics while they hang from the fabric. Performers strike different figures while flying through the air using the fabric to swing, spiral, wrap, fall or suspend their bodies in and out of a variety of positions. The main tricks in aerial silks are climbs, wraps and drops. Aerial silks are a demanding art and require a high degree of strength, power, flexibility, courage, stamina and grace to practice.

Aerial Silk Classes - What to Expect
Aerial silk classes develop your core strength and flexibility among the many other benefits you will derive from this classes. Attending aerial silk classes, you will learn to use fabric and the power of your body to create breathtaking movements and routines in the air while gaining flexibility, strength and coordination. Aerial silk classes also help in building confidence as you practice various climbs, inversions, holds, locks and drops.


Aerial Silk - The Top 3 Benefits of Aerial Fitness
There are a number of aerial fitness benefits that you can get while attending aerial silk classes. Here are some of those:

  • Increased muscular strength - Even though aerial fitness may seem effortless and graceful, the physical effort applied to aerial tricks is massive. Aerial work gives a lot of strength in your upper body and core as your core muscle get a heavy load while lifting your legs over your head, as well as in climbing. Aerial silk class makes a total body workout as during the class almost all the body parts are forced to move and stretch.
  • Healthier body - Aerial silk has so many health benefits, that it’s even used for physical rehabilitation. One of the main features of aerial fitness is decompression of the spine and joints. Silk classes also work  great for toning and redefining of the muscles, regenerating and strengthening of the joints. People who attend aerial silk classes get positive alignment, sharpened focus and increased blood flow - a lot of things to enjoy!
  • Psychological stability - Like any other fitness activity, aerial silk fitness help to strengthen your emotional system and combat stress. But unlike most of the gym workout routines aerial silk classes make you experience more fun and joy from developing totally new body skills, as it increases your creativity and helps you to develop your own artistic skills. Aerial silks make people feeling free and full of excitement - so, give it a try!