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5 Things Only Gymnast’s Moms Understand

Rhythmic gymnastics is a unique combination of sport, art and dance that captures girls’ imagination, so they begin eating, breathing, and sleeping gymnastics. Therefore, even outside the gym your whole family’s life will still be full of gymnastics, and below you'll find why. If you are a veteran mom, you will totally get what we are…
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6 Things to do When Your Child Wants to Quit a Sport

Children and teenagers who play a sport may at some point decide to quit. This decision can become a big challenge for parent-child relationships. Sports quickly becomes a huge part of your family’s life and a significant portion of family’s expenses: practices several days a week, traveling to competitions, buying costly equipment, not to mention…
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IK School of Gymnastics is looking for talented flexible and artistic girls from 3 y.o. and older who want to become a part of an amazing rhythmic gymnastics team! Call 786.716.9996 (coach for beginners), 786.590.6666, & 786.350.6655  or contact us via ikgym@icloud.com to schedule your child's first free class! HURRY UP - SPECIAL OFFERS AVAILABLE NOW:…
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3 Best Sweet Treats Your Athlete Can Eat After Working Out

After an intensive workout, children's muscles are crying for protein, carbohydrates and sugars, because they spend much energy and burn a lot of calories in the gym. Go ahead and treat you child to a something tasty – some junk foods that are considered unhealthy can be as beneficial as healthy protein meal after the…
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