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  • Acrobatic Gymnastics
    Acrobatic Gymnastics or Sport Acrobatics is a competitive gymnastic discipline with a mixture of gymnastics…
  • Tumbling
    Tumbling is a form of gymnastic activity performed with no special equipment, which combines some…
  • Parkour
    Parkour is a training discipline where participants focus on moving around and through obstacles to…
  • Rhythmic Gymnastics
    Rhythmic gymnastics is a unique fusion of sport, dance and art. Rhythmic gymnastics is a…
  • Artistic Gymnastics
    Artistic gymnastics is what most people are referring to when they say or talk about…
  • Brazilian Jiu-jitsu
    Brazilian jiu-jitsu is a martial art, combat sport, and a self defense system. In fact,…
  • Kickboxing
    Kickboxing is a combat sport that combines punches, knees, head-butts, and kicks to disarm an…
  • Martial Arts
    Martial arts are various systems of combat sport, which are practiced for self-defense and spiritual…

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  • 5 Things Only Gymnast’s Moms Understand
    Rhythmic gymnastics is a unique combination of sport, art and dance that captures girls’ imagination, so they begin eating, breathing, and sleeping gymnastics. Therefore, even outside the gym your whole family’s life will still be full of gymnastics, and below you'll find why. If you are a veteran mom, you will totally get what we are saying, and if you're a newbie, you will get a glimpse into the glamorous life of a gymnastics mom. 1. Your Car is Your Gymnast’s Second Home Even if you are lucky, and don’t have to drive hours a week to bring your daughter to gymnastics classes, the time gap between school and gymnastic classes is often too narrow to bring her home after school. It’s no wonder that your car becomes your gymnast’s home away from home, a place to eat lunches and snacks, change clothes for training, make a hair bun, and even do homework on the way back home. 2. Your Home is a Second Practice Gym Moms, whose daughters are involved in rhythmic gymnastics, almost never…
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  • 6 Things to do When Your Child Wants to Quit a Sport
    Children and teenagers who play a sport may at some point decide to quit. This decision can become a big challenge for parent-child relationships. Sports quickly becomes a huge part of your family’s life and a significant portion of family’s expenses: practices several days a week, traveling to competitions, buying costly equipment, not to mention many of your child’s friends are a part of his team. This is why after a long period of child’s being in a sport quitting may to be painful for his parents, especially if their child is a promising athlete. Anyway, your main role as a parent is to support your child and her decisions, so that she knows you'll by her side, right or wrong. So, does this matter that you should just let your child quit the sport? Of course not - your main goal as a parent is to work through this situation with the child and make this as positive experience as it could be. Below you’ll find 6 things to do if your child wants…
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    IK School of Gymnastics is looking for talented flexible and artistic girls from 3 y.o. and older who want to become a part of an amazing rhythmic gymnastics team! Call 786.716.9996 (coach for beginners), 786.590.6666, & 786.350.6655  or contact us via ikgym@icloud.com to schedule your child's first free class! HURRY UP - SPECIAL OFFERS AVAILABLE NOW: FIRST CLASS IS FREE ENROLL FOR 3 MONTH AND GET A FREE TRAINING UNIFORM ($60 value) ENROLL FOR 6 MONTH AND GET FREE UNIFORM AND FREE SASAKI APPARATUS FOR RHYTHMIC GYMNASTICS ($155 value) [embed]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x6GDP9WEYP0[/embed] IK School of Rhythmic Gymnastics in Miami IK School of Rhythmic Gymnastics has 5+-year history in Miami. Over this period IK School of Gymnastics in Miami founded by Iryna Kobets has become one of the most successful rhythmic gymnastics schools in Florida. Having already created many Miami champions, we are not going to rest on our laurels. IK School of Rhythmic Gymnastics in Miami is a place for both recreational and competitive gymnasts to receive highly professional training and improve physical development. We hold quality rhythmic gymnastics…
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  • 3 Best Sweet Treats Your Athlete Can Eat After Working Out
    After an intensive workout, children's muscles are crying for protein, carbohydrates and sugars, because they spend much energy and burn a lot of calories in the gym. Go ahead and treat you child to a something tasty – some junk foods that are considered unhealthy can be as beneficial as healthy protein meal after the workout as they aid muscle recovery and growth. Eating the foods listed below is beneficial up to two hours after a workout. Of course, they should not replace your child’s normal post-workout snacks, but an occasional eating of these foods should be worry-free. Ice Cream Kids love ice cream because it’s sweet, but there is another sweet thing about ice cream aside of its taste. Ice cream can be a very refreshing post-workout treat as it contains sugars and proteins that prevent protein breakdown and promote muscle building. A half-cup serving of vanilla or chocolate ice cream has about 140 calories, 7g fat and 14g sugar and provides your child’s body with a handful of key nutrients, including bone-strengthening calcium…
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