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Kids' Acrobatics Classes in Miami - IK GYM Miami Children's Acrobatics Program

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IK GYM Miami offers acrobatics classes specially designed for kids. Our Acrobatics Children's Program teaches children the basic fundamentals of acrobatics performance. Kids attending acrobatics classes at our Miami gym learn how to work together and perform figures consisting of acrobatic moves, dance and tumbling, set to music. IK GYM Miami acrobatics classes not only teach kids the fundamentals of acrobatics performance, but also helps children build a range of motor and coordination skills, and assists in developing a good sense of body awareness.

The mission of IK GYM Miami Acrobatic Gymnastics program is to introduce the sport acrobatics to the children of Miami as a way of reinforcing valuable lessons of teamwork and self-discipline. Focused on personal growth, flexibility and fun, IK GYM Miami offers a step-by-step empowerment program for kids. Our highly-professional world-known coaches have the extra responsibility for safety of participants performing at a height. Our coaches work hard to develop individual aptitudes that allow their athletes to work consciously on the development of their acrobatic and artistic skills.

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Acrobatics, Acrobatic Gymnastics, Acro Dance, Sports Acrobatics - Learn More About the Sport

Acrobatic Gymnastics or Sport Acrobatics is a competitive gymnastic discipline with a mixture of gymnastics and dance. Engaging choreography and brilliant attire are the essential part of the sport. In acrobatics gymnasts work together in groups of two, three or four gymnasts and perform floor and balance routines to music consisting of acrobatic moves, dance and tumbling. Acrobatic routines include balances, somersaults, throws and catches. Acrobatics is a sport where gymnasts tell exciting stories with their performances, drawing the attention of spectators with thrilling rhythm, startling balance skills, and amazing figures.
Acrobatic gymnastics is a very theatrical sport popular with boys and girls as young as five, especially those who love to perform. To be good in acrobatic gymnastics kids need to be strong, flexible and have good body awareness. Acrobatics also requires extraordinary motor coordination, feats of balance, agility and an incredible amount of trust between the gymnasts. The breathtaking acrobatics routines could not be accomplished without mentoring among partners and cooperative effort. What’s important, acrobatic gymnastics can be taken up by kids of different sizes and constitution. Unlike artistic gymnastics, where small gymnasts tend to get ahead, acrobatic gymnastics actually needs bigger and stronger athletes. For example, big and older athletes (12-15-year-old) can be teamed up with a petite younger kid, so they are able to throw him or her up in the air and catch back.

Why acrobatics is good for kids?

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  • Acrobatics is great for kids both as an extra-curricular activity or as a professional sport. Acrobatics is a sport that develops strength, skill and plastic. Sport acrobatics help children strengthen their character, develop hardness and also teaches be respectful and sensitive to your partner. As it is a partner sport, it is unique as it is known for challenging students with life skills like teamwork, communication and trust. And, most likely, no other sport is aimed so much at the harmonious upbringing of strength and flexibility. Acrobatics teaches kids to feel their body. Boys attending acrobatics classes become brave and independent and girls gain flexibility and grace.
  • Acrobatics is more than just the breathtaking stunts and movements that we see in live performances or on TV. Acrobatics a comprehensive form of physical activity that is very efficient in terms of physical development. Almost none of other sports would have needed such an intensive physical training. In many professions, acrobatic classes are the essential point, like, for example for astronauts.
  • Acrobatics offers athletes a wide range of options, including Acrobatic Gymnastics, Circus Acrobatics, Acrobatic Dance, Aerial Acrobatics - so much fun activities to choose from!

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Kids Acrobatics in Miami with a World-Famous Acrobatic Coach at IK GYM Miami

Does your child love to swing on the doors and climb the walls? Have him try kids’ acrobatics classes! The best news is that if you live in Miami, you have an amazing opportunity to bring your child to acrobatics classes with a world-famous acrobatics coach, whose athletes used to win first places in acrobatics competitions worldwide!

Sports Acrobatics at IK GYM Miami: Meet the coach -Natalia Johnson


Repeatedly recognized the best coach of Ukraine, having 3 Level certificate of FIG, Natalia Johnson has prepared the athletes, who have become Champions of the World in sports acrobatics. For example, Natalia’s athletes Anastasiya Melnychenko and Kateryna Sytnikova won gold medal at 2012 Acrobatic Gymnastics World Championships held in Lake Buena Vista, Florida, United States from April 16 to April 18, 2012. Natalia has been working as a coach in sports acrobatics since 1982, and has prepared 50 Masters of sports, including 4 internationally recognized and 2 honored athletes.

Natalia's acrobats Sytnikova Kateryna and Melnichenko Anastasiya performing at European Championships in Acrobatic Gymnastics.

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