Rhythmic Gymnastics

Rhythmic gymnastics is a unique fusion of sport, dance and art. Rhythmic gymnastics is a performance choreographed to music accompanied by bright balls, ropes, hoops, ribbons, and clubs. Being one of the most spectacular Olympic Sports, rhythmic gymnastics combines precise, graceful, and expressive body movements that need a full range of flexibility, muscle coordination and explosive power.
Rhythmic gymnastics is very popular among girls as a sport that harmonizes body movement with the beauty of music and the grace of dance. The core of rhythmic gymnastics is self-expression. Dynamics of gymnastics, technical knowledge of ballet and rhythm of dance – all these are combined in amazing performance, where each movement involves a high degree of athletic skill.
GIrls come to rhythmic gymnastics classes to learn graceful movements, increase flexibility, develop strength and coordination. Doing gymnastics is a great way for kids to gain positive self-esteem and become more confident, stay fit, organized and goal-oriented. In exchange for these benefits rhythmic gymnastics requires hard work, concentration, dedication and a lot of practice.

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