Tumbling is a form of gymnastic activity performed with no special equipment, which combines some of the skills of artistic gymnastics on the floor with those of trampolining. Practiced by both men and women and usually referred to as «trampoline and tumbling» or «floor gymnastics» tumbling is incorporated under the broader umbrella of gymnastics, joining those of rhythmic gymnastics, artistic gymnastics, and acrobatics all governed by USA Gymnastics. Common moves performed in tumbling include flips, jumps, somersaults, tucks, handstands and handsprings choreographed to music and arrranged into performance routines. Some activities, like cheerleading and dance typically use tumbling passes.
Tumbling is one of the fastest growing sports for kids. It's becoming more and more popular each year as ia sport that builds coordination, flexibility, and strength. Most gyms recommend your child to have some basic gymnastic training before signing up for a tumbling class. Tumbling consists of three events: trampoline, double mini, and power tumbling, and each of them allows kids to get different benefits. Trampoline teaches coordination, control, and focus, double-mini is for balance and body awareness, and power tumbling develops strength, power, and courage.
As tumbling is an important component of gymnastics, cheerleading and dance, tumbling skills distinguish children in any of these activities. As an activity that develops body awareness and balance tumbling is a very popular for cross training among football players, soccer players, gymnasts, cheerleaders, and dancers.

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