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IK School of Rhythmic Gymnastics and IK GYM Miami are happy to introduce 2018 summer camp program! IK GYM provides the ultimate gymnastics camp experience for kids in Miami. Our gym offers a great variety of sports camp programs for children during the summer break. Rhythmic and artistic gymnastics, acrobatics, tumbling and trampoline, aerial silk, kickboxing - we have something for everyone!

IK GYM Miami is a place where elite coaching professionals make their best effort to provide the ideal camp environment both for beginners and for competitive athletes. We accept kids from 4 y.o. The campers are divided by age and ability.

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Rhythmic Intensive Program - IK School of Gymnastics

  • The best rhythmic gymnastics camp in Miami
  • Miami's leading rhythmic gymnastics school
  • The biggest rhythmic team in Florida

IK School of Rhythmic Gymnastics in Miami is a place for competitive gymnasts to receive highly professional training and improve physical development. Through individual attention, we provide our rhythmic gymnastics program program to best meet the needs of each gymnast. We are proud to create an outstanding training gymnastics environment for all children, where we develop young talents of Miami, preparing them for the competitions and leading them to new victories and personal achievements. IK Rhythmic Intensive Program includes:

  • Russian classical ballet training
  • Advanced choreography
  • Bode development and strength training
  • Cardio conditioning and deep stretching
  • Advanced rhythmic gymnastics element training
  • Elite level equipment handling skills
  • Routine development

Full day - 9 a.m. - 3 p.m. Extended care (till 5 p.m.)  upon request. Hot lunches available.

Enrich your gymnast's summer experience and prepare for a new season with IK School of Rhythmic Gymnastics and IK GYM Miami. For more information about IK summer gymnastics camp click here. To learn more about IK GYM Miami visit

Call 786.350.6655 and 786.590.6666 to register today and save 10%. Or contact us at for price and availability.

Recreational Program - IK GYM Miami

IK GYM Miami is proud to provide the opportunity for children to participate and get involved in various kinds of sports. IK GYM Miami offers summer camp programs for kids from 4 y.o. IK sport programs for sports camps includes the following classes and activities:

  • Rhythmic Gymnastics
  • Artistic Gymnastics
  • Acrobatic Gymnastics
  • Tumbling&Trampoline
  • Kickboxing
  • Aerial Silks
  • Arts and Crafts
  • Active Games

(valid until May 1st).

Make your child's summer active - bring him to IK! To register for IK GYM Miami summer camp call 786.350.6655 & 786.590.6666 or contact us at

Kids Sports Camp in Miami at IK GYM - Join us Today!

Looking for quality sports summer camp program in Miami area for your child? IK GYM Miami offers a great variety of sports camp programs for children 3-15 y.o.  during the summer break. Rhythmic and artistic gymnastics, acrobatics, tumbling and trampoline, aerial silks and more - IK GYM Miami is a place where elite coaching professionals make their best effort to provide the ideal camp environment both for beginners and for competitive athletes.

Best Summer Camp in Miami by IK GYM - Choose us!

IK GYM Miami provides the ultimate sports camp experience for children in Miami. Our brand-new multi-sport gym is an ideal place for active children. During IK summer camp your child can explore different sports and stay active the whole summer! Children in camp are divided by age and ability.

Having more hours for training during the camp time, our coaches can focus on the balanced development of all muscle groups and introduce new tricks to children. IK summer camp is the best place for the girls to bring the body into a good shape and develop grace of movement and for the boys to gain body-confidence and self-esteem. Summer sports camp helps children keep feeling positive about themselves and the excitement of being strong outside the gym also.

IK GYM also offers professional rhythmic gymnasts an Advanced Rhythmic Gymnastics Intensive program - one of the best in South Florida!!! IK GYM intensive gymnastics summer camp is the best way for professional gymnasts to get ready for the new competitive season.

Give your active child the opportunity to develop into an active adult in summer camp with IK GYM Miami - call 786-590-6666 to reserve your spot.

Why Sports Camp is Better for Children

While many children in Miami attend school camps during summer break, there are plenty of reasons why sports camp is a much better option for kids. Let’s take a look at the benefits that a sports camp can offer!

  1. A sports camp makes kids stay active during the summer. Don’t let your child’s summer break turn into a boring and unhealthy stay on the couch! Sports camp is an ideal way to get your child moving. Children, who spend their summer in a sports camp, become stronger and healthier due to regular physical exercise, that make them improve their motor functions and develop flexibility, balance, coordination and correct posture.
  2. A sports camp helps children break free from technology addiction. Sports camp is a place where electronic devices give way to beams, punching bags, ropes, hoops and trampolines, so children to get the needed break from technology. Sports camp is a great chance for kids to change their focus during the summer break and develop a passion for a new healthy activity.
  3. A sports camp helps children build confidence and high self-esteem. Sports classes involve graceful body movements, agility, flexibility and balance making kids bring their body into a good shape, move confidently and gracefully. A sports camp gives kids plenty of opportunities to express themselves through movements. By bringing children to sports camp parents can help them to avoid teenage awkwardness, improve self-esteem and self-confidence.
  4. A sports camp helps children develop new skills. Even if your child has never tried any sports before, a sports camp is a perfect opportunity for him to explore new activities and get experiences he is not familiar with, learning how to do amazing things with his body. Even a single week at a sports camp gives a child the opportunity to explore and discover new sports and possibly fall in love with it. So, give it a chance.
  5. A sports camp is a perfect place for making new friends. Making friends outside of school works great for your child’s social development. Sports summer camp is a perfect way to expand horizons athletically and make some new friends in a safe and healthy environment.
  6. A sports camp teaches children to overcome challenges. Professional coaches create an incredibly encouraging atmosphere in the camp, so children are comfortable and safe setting personal goals and taking reasonable risks to realize their aspirations. Sports summer camp is a perfect opportunity for children to learn that they need to work hard to reach their goals and never give up.

To get more information on IK GYM Miami sports camp summer programs - call 786-590-6666 or contact us at

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