Winter Camp

Miami Winter Break Camp - Kids Fitness & Activity Classes at IK GYM Miami

Looking for quality winter-break camp program in Miami area? IK GYM Miami is proud to provide the opportunity for children to participate and get involved in different sports and fitness activities during winter break. Our campers range from 3 to 16 yo and are divided by age and abilities.

IK GYM Miami provides the ultimate fitness camp experience for children. IK GYM Miami  is a place where elite coaches make their best effort to provide the ideal camp environment for children and make them love sports. Having more hours for training during the camp time, our coaches can focus on the balanced development of all muscle groups and introduce new tricks to young athletes.

IK GYM Miami camp is the best place for children to bring the body into a good shape and develop grace of movement. During the camp the kids gain body-confidence and self-esteem that helps keep feeling positive about themselves and the excitement of being strong outside the gym also.

Give your active child the opportunity to develop into an active adult in winter-break camp with IK GYM Miami.

Active holidays with IK GYM Miami. Winter Break Camp - Registration is open now!
Dear Parents! We have 2 weeks of Winter Camp in our brand-new kids gym facility located in North Miami. Bring your child to IK GYM Miami for 2 weeks of fitness activities and fun! Call us today 786-590-6666 or 786.350.6655 - space is limited.

Winter-break camp Miami

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