Kids Sports Camps in Miami


Looking for quality kids gymnastics camp program in Miami area? IK GYM Miami is proud to provide the opportunity for children to participate and get involved in sport of rhythmic gymnastics. Call 786.590.6666 786.350.6655 or contact us at to get more information about daily camps and to reserve your child's spot in our camp program.

IK GYM Miami offers camp programs for kids aged 4-16, including summer, winter, spring break camps and kids day camp programs for all teacher planning days.

Sports Camps by IK GYM Miami


IK GYM Miami provides the ultimate sports camp experience for children of Miami. IK GYM is a place where elite professional coaches make their best effort to provide the ideal camp environment both for beginners and for competitive gymnasts. The children who participate in IK GYM gymnastics camp programs are divided by age and ability.

Having plenty of time for training during the camp time, our coaches can focus on the balanced development of all muscle groups and introduce new tricks to their students. IK GYM sports camps is the best place for boys and girls to bring the body into a good shape and stay active. During our sports camps children gain body-confidence and self-esteem that helps keep feeling positive about themselves and the excitement of being strong outside the gym also.

Give your active child the opportunity to develop into an active adult in sports camp with IK GYM Miami! Join our Miami kids sports camp program - call 786-350-66-55 to reserve your child's spot in one of our camps.


Photos by Vera Ospan Miami Photographer