5 Things Only Gymnast’s Moms Understand

Rhythmic gymnastics is a unique combination of sport, art and dance that captures girls’ imagination, so they begin eating, breathing, and sleeping gymnastics. Therefore, even outside the gym your whole family’s life will still be full of gymnastics, and below you'll find why. If you are a veteran mom, you will totally get what we are saying, and if you're a newbie, you will get a glimpse into the glamorous life of a gymnastics mom.

1. Your Car is Your Gymnast’s Second Home

Even if you are lucky, and don’t have to drive hours a week to bring your daughter to gymnastics classes, the time gap between school and gymnastic classes is often too narrow to bring her home after school. It’s no wonder that your car becomes your gymnast’s home away from home, a place to eat lunches and snacks, change clothes for training, make a hair bun, and even do homework on the way back home.

2. Your Home is a Second Practice Gym

Moms, whose daughters are involved in rhythmic gymnastics, almost never lucky to stay at home in silence. Gymnasts climb the walls, move around the house in cartwheels and do homework sitting on the splits. Her apparatus items are always scattered around the house and her medals hung in the most noticeable place of her room. You have to act as her “home” judge, evaluating the new elements she managed to perform, discussing whether some kind of music suits better for the floor or for the rope, and watching new routines she had just choreographed all by herself.

3. You Are Ready to Pay a Fortune For the “Proper” Leotard

As soon as you meet the leotard that totally suits your gymnast, and “suits”, by the way, includes size, color of her eyes and hair, all the routines for a competitive season, and whatever she and her coach can come up with together, you no longer care how much this miracle costs. Even if you realize that it’s probably more expensive than any single piece of clothing in your own closet. Compared to the price of the competition leo, practice leos seem to be quite inexpensive for you, even if in fact they are not.

4. Your Daughter Is More Willing to Play With Apparatus Than With Her Toys

Balls, hoops, ribbons, and ropes are one of the most desirable gift items for a gymnast. If you are a rhythmic gymnast’s mom, you probably heard with half an ear about Barbie, Monster High and American Girl dolls, but every day have to keep talking of Sasaki, Chacott, Venturelli, and Pastorelli. The most disappointing thing is that your daughter looses interest to any new toy very quickly, returning to endless practice with apparatus anywhere she can do it. My daughter often takes clubs to the beach, because “there is so much space to practice”, and she even doesn’t enter the water.

5. Your Daughter Is Constantly Kidding About Your Physical Abilities and Body Shape

She has workouts every day and she can boast a six-pack, built from muscle. She can tie her legs and arms in a knot or get up on hands from a sitting position, she does so many amazing things with her body, and each time she asks you: “Mommy, can you do that”? No doubt, I can’t. At least I managed to find a good answer: “If I practiced as much as you do, then, of course, I would be able to”. Yet neither my husband nor me are avoided these everyday jokes about our butts and bellies.

If you are a gymnastics mom, some of your family and friends don’t understand how or why gymnastics is such an important thing for you. Despite all the complications all gymnast's moms are very happy that gymnastics is such a big part of their life. Gymnastics is expensive, time-consuming, and emotional, but we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Being a mom of a gymnast – it’s a full-time job. IK School of Gymnastics in Miami says a big thanks to all parents of our gymnasts! Every day you are doing such a great job, and we try to do our best to your efforts have been rewarded. Together we develop young talents of Miami in gymnastics, helping our kids to reach their fullest potential

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