Helping Your Child Achieve in Sport – 13 Simple Rules to Follow

Some tips for parents of young athletes, to help them get the most out of their chosen sport. These rules are simple, but powerful. Review them frequently enough so as not forget to follow them.

  1. Attend training regularly.
  2. Support their coach.
  3. Be calm and relaxed at competitions and meets.
  4. Teach them responsibility and self management.
  5. Never compare your child with others – good or bad.
  6. Reward frequently with what they really need - your time.
  7. Allow them to have fun and enjoy childhood.
  8. Allow them to try different sports and fitness activities.
  9. Encourage outdoor activities which build general movement skills.
  10. Make sport a family journey.
  11. Help raise money for the team or discover other ways you can help.
  12. Be proud of your child for living a healthy and active lifestyle.
  13. Love them unconditionally.

Being a parent of a young athlete can be difficult, but you shouldn’t have to feel helpless. Positively involved parents encourage their children to improve skills faster, perform better, be self-confident and truly love the sport they are involved in. There are so many things you can do as a parent to improve the chances of your child to win - start with taking the following 10 steps to become a winning parent! Your child can’t do it without you!

10 Steps to Become a Winning Parent

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