Meet Etiquette for Gymnasts and Their Parents

As a parent, you play an important role in supporting your gymnast on the day of competition. Your child’s successful performance largely depends on how you act and feel during a meet. Parents, please check these meet etiquette tips to be prepared for the upcoming competitive season.

Gymnastics Meet - Tips for Parents

When the competition starts, don’t be neither a coach nor a judge, but a supportive parent, who is proud to share the joy of competition with her child.

Don’t compare her to other gymnasts; don’t say she must do her best at the meet – your job is to encourage her and make her feel happy and confident, not nervous.

Once your daughter is in the competition area for the warm-up, she is not allowed to have contact with you until the competition is over to avoid any distractions that could prevent her from having a successful routine. While your athlete is in the competition area it’s your coach’s job to monitor her condition, give advice and motivate her to do her best.

It’s absolutely fine to cheer up your athlete and her team members when they perform routines. The best moments for the words of encouragement and clapping are before her routine starts and at the end of her routine after she finishes major elements. Try to avoid cheering your gymnast in the middle of a hard skill – you are likely to distract her!

Please remember that no flash photography is allowed during the meet. The sudden flash of light during performance can confuse a gymnast and even cause an injury. Flash photos are permitted during awards.

When the competition is over, coaches usually send gymnasts back to parents.  No matter how she performed, this period before awards is the time to give your gymnast lots of hugs, showing her your love and appreciation.

Meet Etiquette for Gymnasts

  • Check-in for the meet 15 – 20 minutes before timed warm-up
  • Report to the coach after checking in
  • Wear a competitive leotard and a team suit
  • Be well groomed
  • Remain in the designated competition area during warm-up, march-in and competition
  • Obey all regulations and procedures
  • No crying and other excessive emotions
  • Be respectful to coaches, hosts, and competitors
  • Keep all personal belongings in the sport bag
  • Stay in the competition area until the coach gives permission to leave

Meet Etiquette for Gymnast’s Parents

  • Don’t enter the competition area
  • No flash photography during the competition
  • Keep team spirit high, cheering up your athlete and her teammates when possible
  • Show respect to meet officials, coaches, competitors, and gymnasts’ parents
  • Do not discuss competitors’ performance during the meet

IK School of Gymnastics in Miami hopes this can be a good guide for parents of competitive gymnasts to make the 2018 competitive season exciting for your athlete. If you have any questions about your daughter’s first gymnastics competition, please, do not hesitate to contact your coach.

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